Total RNA Purification Kit, 96-Well Kit – 24300

For rapid high-throughput purification of total RNA including microRNA. Convenient high throughput format for vacuum, centrifuge or robot, very consistent well-to-well RNA isolation
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P4-0059Total RNA Purification Kit, 96-Well Kit – 243002 Plates£815.00

This 96-well kit provides a rapid method for the high-throughput isolation and purification of total RNA in 30 minutes using vacuum manifold, plate centrifuge or liquid handlers with vacuum capabilities.  Total RNA can be isolated from a broad range of sample sources including cultured cells, tissues, blood, serum, plasma, bacteria, yeast, fungi, and viruses.

The eluted RNA is consistent from well-to-well with high quality and purity, with excellent RIN values and A260/A280, and is suitable for downstream applications including qRT-PCR, RT-PCR, microarrays, NGS and more.

The kit purifies all sizes of RNA from large mRNA, lncRNA down to microRNA (miRNA)  in the same fraction without the requirement of phenol.  Isolate all RNA sequences at an equal rate irrespective of size.  Moreover, when the RNA sequences are small (e.g. miRNA), the column binds small RNAs regardless of their GC content.

Kit Specifications
Maximum Binding Capacity Per Well
50 μg
Maximum Loading Volume Per Well
500 μL
Size of RNA Purified
All sizes, including small RNA < 200 nt
Time to Complete 96 Purifications
30 minutes
Average Yield HeLa Cells (1 x 106 Cells) E. coli (1 x 109 cells) Brain (10 mg) Liver (10 mg) Blood (50 μL, Hamster)
15 μg 50 μg 9 μg 26 μg 1 μg
Maximum Amount of Starting Material: Whole Blood Plasma/Serum Bacteria Yeast Fungi Plant Tissue
100 µL
150 µL
1 x 109 cells
1 x 108 cells 40 mg 40 mg
Comparison of Plate Dimensions
Total RNA 96-Well Plates Length (cm) Width (cm) Height (cm)
Cat# 24300 / Cat# 24370: 96-well plate 12.8 8.6 3.4
Cat# 24300 / Cat# 24370: 96-well plate assembled with collection plate 12.8 8.6 4.4
Cat# 24350/ Cat# 24380: 96-well plate (deep well format) 12.8 8.5 3.8
Cat# 24350/ Cat# 24380: 96-well plate (deep well format) assembled with collection plate 12.8 8.6 5.7
Storage Conditions and Product Stability All solutions should be kept tightly sealed and stored at room temperature.  These reagents should remain stable for at least 1 year in their unopened containers.



P4-0059 Literature 24300
P4-0059 Protocol 24300
P4-0059 MSDS 24300
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