Single Cell RNA Purification Kit – 51800

Rapid purification of total RNA, including microRNA, from small input amounts. Small elution volume of 8µl ready for direct utilization in qRT-PCR reactions
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P4-0164Single Cell RNA Purification Kit – 5180050 Preps£542.00
Very sensitive kit designed to work with as low as a single cell and up to 100,000 cells. The special design of the micro spin-column allows a small elution volume of as little as 8 µl. Rapid 15 minute method for the isolation and purification of Total RNA (including miRNA) from small input amounts of cultured animal cells, CTC, stem cells, immuno-sorted cells, and microdissected samples including laser-capture microdissection (LCM). The purified RNA is of the highest purity and integrity, and can be used in a number of qRT-PCR and digital PCR and other whole transcriptome applications.


P4-0164 Specification 51800


P4-0164 Literature 51800
P4-0164 Protocol 51800
Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
P4-0058Total RNA Purification Kit – 1720050 Preps£329
P4-0069Total RNA Purification Kit – 37500100 Preps£620
P4-0015Total RNA Purification Plus Kit – 4830050 Preps£445
P4-0016Total RNA Purification Plus Kit – 48400100 Preps£685
P4-0099Total RNA Purification Micro Kit – 3530050 Preps£503
P4-0098RNase-Free DNase1 Kit – 2571050 Preps£155
P4-0159RNase- Free DNase 1 Kit – 25720200 Preps£540.00
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