Sequencing Reaction Clean-Up Kit – 34500

For the rapid purification of sequencing extension products from reaction mixes. Purify sequencing extension products from dye terminators, primers and other contaminants
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P4-0037Sequencing Reaction Clean-Up Kit – 3450050 Preps£155.00
This kit provides a rapid spin column procedure for the purification and clean-up of sequencing and various other enzymatic reactions including restriction enzyme digests, Klenow reactions, alkaline phosphatase reactions, and ligations. The kit is used to remove reaction contaminants including dye terminators, salts, enzymes, excess primers and primer dimers. Contaminants are undesirable as they can interfere with many downstream applications including sequencing, RFLP, restriction enzyme digestions and ligation. Purification is based on spin-column chromatography without the use of phenol, chloroform or alcohol precipitation. The kit provides a high quality product with up to 90% recovery.


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P4-0312Sequencing Reaction Clean-Up Kit, 96-Well Format – 344002 Plates£320