FastGene Scriptase Basic cDNA Synthesis Enzyme

Enhanced version of the Murine Leukaemia Virus (MuLV) reverse transcriptase with increased robustness, recommended for large RNA quantities and easy templates
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P8-0048FastGene Scriptase Basic cDNA Synthesis Enzyme100 Reactions£110.00
The FastGene® Scriptase Basic is an enhanced version of the Murine Leukaemia Virus (MuLV) reverse transcriptase. Hence, like the wildtype, it has the ability to synthesize a cDNA strand, a reduced RNase H activity and processitivity. The robustness however has been greatly increased in FastGene Scriptase Basic making it the perfect enzyme for large RNA quantities and easy templates.


Quantification of Gene Expression. Endpoint RT-PCR. High RNA concentrations. The special buffer formulation permits a high RNA concentration. Other reverse transcriptases are not able to process such large quantities. The FastGene® Scriptase Basic was designed for large RNA quantities, typically used in an endpoint RT-PCR. Nonetheless, it is also able to process lower RNA concentrations. The FastGene® Scriptase Basic is available as enzyme only, containing the enzyme, buffer and dNTPs as well as a cDNA synthesis kit which contains the components of the enzyme plus Oligo dTs, random hexamers and RNase inhibitor. We have also chosen a 100 reactions kit size so that you have enough for a whole 96-Well plate.
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P8-0052FastGene Scriptase Basic cDNA Synthesis Kit100 Reactions£254
P2-0020Maxi UV Sterilisation Cabinet with Timer, Four UV Lights and White Light (no tray)Each£2058