Complete System for Mini Wide Vertical Electrophoresis Including: Vertical Unit, Botting Insert, Capillary Insert & Accessories

Complete mini vertical electrophoresis system
Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
G9-0352Complete System for Mini Wide Vertical Electrophoresis Including: Vertical Unit, Botting Insert, Capillary Insert & AccessoriesEach£1,647.00
The omniPAGE range of Modular Vertical Gel Systems allow multiple electrophoresis techniques to be performed in the same unit. These systems include all modules and accessories required for Slab Gel Electrophoresis, 2-D Electrophoresis and Electroblotting. The central component is the omniPAGE Mini Vertical unit, Mini Wide Vertical Unit or omniPAGE Maxi Vertical unit. These include a rapid and intuitive casting system, enhanced and easy to set up cooling system and increased capacity to run up to four gels per run. In addition, the omniPAGE Tube gel module is capable of resolving up to 10 first dimension gels and the Electroblotting module has a four blot capacity for the Mini system, and a three blot capacity for the Mini Wide and Maxi. The package includes all the necessary accessories for Slab Gel, First Dimension and Electroblotting. Each of these techniques benefits from rapid set up cooling packs which provide enhanced resolution even during high intensity 2-D electrophoresis and Electroblotting. Package includes: 1x omniPAGE Mini Wide Vertical Unit which includes: 2x4mm thick notched glass Plates, 2x4mm thick plain glass Plates with 1mm thick bonded spacers, 1x dummy plate, 2x combs (1mm thick, 24 samples), 1x casting base, silicone mat, cooling pack 1x Capillary Electrophoresis Module which includes: internal running module for tube gels, capillary tubes, blanking plugs, 2-D combs and spacers 1x Electroblotting Module comprising: internal electroblotting module, 3x compression cassettes for gel sizes up to 20x10cm and 12x fibre pads.


G9-0352 Specification VS10WCES


Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
A2-0214DEPC Treated Water, Sterile, Certified Nuclease FreeEach£71.3
A2-0001UreaGel 29:1 Concentrate1 Litre£165.35
L1-0100ProtoMetrics, Recombinant Protein Markers (10-225kDa)500ul£243.6
S6-0044ProtoBlue Safe, Eco-Friendly Colloidal Coomassie Stain1 Litre£132.65
P5-0056EV3150 Consort Maxi Power Supply, 4 Outputs, 1200Volts, 500 MAmps, 300 WattsEach£1748
G8-0464Complete Maxi Slab Gel Dryer System: 35 x 45cm – 230VEach£2834
B3-0010Nitrocellulose Roll, Type SCN, 0.45um Pore Size, Roll 30cm x 3mRoll£495.00
G9-0390Complete system for Mini Vertical Electrophoresis & Blotting Including: Vertical Unit, Blotting Insert & Accessories.Each£1085
B4-0030Semi Dry Mini Blotter, 10 x 10cm SystemEach£665
B4-0042Dot Blotter, 48 SampleEach£544
P5-0054PowerPro 3AMP Power Supply, 300V, 3000mA, 300W, 5 Output PairsEach£802