BLUeye Pre-Stained Protein Ladder, (10-245kDa), Approx 250 loads

Bright, sharp bands for easy identification of proteins in SDS-PAGE electrophoresis and Western blotting
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S6-0024BLUeye Pre-Stained Protein Ladder, (10-245kDa), Approx 250 loads500uL£138.00
BLUeye pre-stained protein ladder is stable for up to 2 years if stored at -20C. It is ideal for SDS-PAGE and Western Blot applications and is suitable for accurate molecular weight determination of most cellular proteins. Each marker is covalently bound to a colour chromaphore to produce a ladder of evenly interspersed bands of uniform intensity. Coloured reference bands serve as visual indicators of electrophoresis run progression and the efficiency of western transfer onto membranes following SDS-PAGE. The marker can be detected at volumes as low as 2.5 µl per well making it extremely economical.


S6-0024 Specification CSL-BBL


S6-0024 Literature BBL-NP
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