Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
B9-0002UreaGel Buffer (10X TBE)200ml£33.65
B9-0018TBE Sequencing Buffer (10 X)1 Litre£45.75
B9-0020TBE Sequencing Buffer (10 X)4 Litre£100.00
B9-0022TBE Sequencing Buffer (5 X)4 Litre£61.70
B9-0024TE Buffer (100 X)25ml£52.70
B9-0026TTE-Glycerol Tolerant Buffer (20 X)1 Litre£117.00
B9-0030TAE Buffer (50 X)1 Litre£120.60
B9-0044UreaGel Loading Buffer10 x 1ml£215.35
B9-0048SSC Buffer (20 X)4 Litre£152.30
B9-0050SSC Buffer (20 X)1 Litre£52.70

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