Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
A4-0744FastGene Molecular Biology Grade Agarose100g£80.00
A4-0746FastGene Molecular Biology Grade Agarose500g£275.00
A4-0732FastGene Molecular Biology Grade Agarose TabletsPk 100£58.00
A4-0742Midori Green Advance Agarose TabletsPk 100£125.00
A4-0736Midori Green Advance Agarose TAE TabletsPk 100£158.00
A4-0734Midori Green Advance Agarose TBE TabletsPk 100£177.50
A4-0738Midori Green Xtra TAE Agarose TabletsPk 100£181.00
A4-0402LE Multi-Purpose Agarose,100g£59.50
A4-0400LE Multi-Purpose Agarose,500g£265.00
A4-0410HR Agarose, PCR Grade,100g£419.00
S6-0035Bromophenol Blue10g£127.70

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