Western Blotting Detection Kits and Membranes

Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
B3-0010Nitrocellulose Roll, Type SCN, 0.45um Pore Size, Roll 30cm x 3mRoll£298.00
B3-0012Nitrocellulose Roll, Type SCN, 0.2um Pore Size, Roll 30cm x 3mRoll£298.00
K1-0068WESTAR® Supernova HRP Detection Substrate, Sufficient for 1000 cm2 of Membrane100ml£364.00
K1-0170EZ-Chemiluminescence Detection Kit for HRP120ml£93.00
K1-0172EZ-Chemiluminescence Detection Kit for HRP500ml£250.00
K1-0174EZ-Chemiluminescence Detection Kit for HRP1000ml£437.00
B9-0074TBS (10X)1 Litre£49.30
B9-0076TBST (10X)1 Litre£49.30
K1-0052WESTAR ECL-Sun HRP Detection Kit250ml£96.80

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