FastGene® Optima HotStart Ready Mix

Extremely robust polymerase that was developed for the standard PCR, difficult PCR and amplification of amplicons over 7.5 kBp.
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P8-0042FastGene® Optima HotStart Ready Mix500 Reactions£191.00
The FastGene® Optima HotStart ReadyMix combines the superb efficiency and robustness of the FastGene® Optima with a proprietary antibody that inhibits preliminary unspecific reaction. This antibody is destroyed during the primary activation step.  

Direct PCR from Escherichia coli colonies

“With the FastGene® Optima HotStart ReadyMix with Dye we could clearly distinguish between samples with inserts (800 bp) and those without inserts (300 bp)” Direct PCR from E. coli colonies Fig. 1: Direct PCR from Eschrichia coli colonies using FastGene® Taq Optima HotStart ReadyMix or Competitor T. The ReadyMixes were used to determine the presence or absence of inserts.The FastGene® Taq Optima HotStart ReadyMix yielded a clearer electrophoresis pattern without smearing and delivered a result for all colonies. The competitor T was not able to amplify 10 colonies. Data was provided by a customer  

Genotyping using mouse-tail tissue

“Analysis of the experiment was very easy because it already contains the loading dye, meaning that we could apply the reaction directly onto an agarose gel. Additionally, the PCR efficiency was higher when compared to the competitor‘s ready-mix without loading dye” Mouse-tail genotyping Fig. 3: Genotyping of using FastGene® Taq Optima HotStart ReadyMix or a competitor. The two ReadyMixes delivered the same genotyping results. The FastGene® Taq Optima HotStart ReadyMix had a higher efficiency shown by the bigger bands. The FastGene® Taq Optima HotStart ReadyMix is easier to use since it contains the loading dye meaning that the PCR product can be directly added to the gel. Data was kindly provided by a customer, Department of Molecular Medicine for Pathogenesis, Ehime University, Japan.


The ReadyMix version of the FastGene® Optima HotStart is the easiest way to get all of these advantages. It comes with all the necessary ingredients for an optimal PCR, just add a template and primers. Additionally, the ReadyMix comes with a loading dye, meaning that the PCR sample can be directly loaded onto an agarose gel, saving your precious time for what really matters.
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