Plasma/Serum Cell-Free Circulating DNA Purification Mini Kit – 55100

For rapid and simple purification of cell-free circulating DNA from plasma/serum samples. Versatile plasma and serum input volumes (200 µl - 500 µl)
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P4-0133Plasma/Serum Cell-Free Circulating DNA Purification Mini Kit – 5510050 Preps£698.00
This kit provides a fast, reliable and convenient spin column method for the isolation of high quality, high purity and inhibitor-free cell-free circulating DNA (cfc-DNA) from plasma/serum sample volumes ranging from 200μl up to 500 μl. The kit is designed to isolate all sizes of cfc-DNA from either fresh or frozen plasma/serum samples and the purified DNA is eluted into a flexible elution volume ranging from 25 µl to 50 µl. The purified plasma/serum cfc-DNA is fully compatible with all downstream applications including PCR, qPCR, methylation-sensitive PCR and Southern Blot analysis, microarrays and NGS.


P4-0133 Specification 55100


P4-0133 Literature 55100
P4-0133 Protocol 55100
Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
P4-0219Plasma/Serum Cell-Free Circulating DNA Purification Micro Kit – 5550050 Preps£697
P4-0194Plasma/Serum Cell-Free Circulating DNA Purification Midi Kit – 5560020 Preps£473
P4-0352Plasma/Serum Cell-Free Circulating DNA Purification Maxi Kit – 5580010 Preps£305