Plant RNA/DNA Purification Kit – 24400

For simultaneous isolation of total RNA and DNA from the same plant sample. Robust Lysis Solution processes even the most challenging plant species such as pine needle and grape
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P4-0080Plant RNA/DNA Purification Kit – 2440050 Preps£346.00
This kit provides for rapid spin column isolation and purification of Total RNA and Genomic DNA simultaneously from a single plant sample without splitting the lysate. The plant lysis solution is highly robust and effective over a wide range of plants including challenging samples. The Total RNA and Genomic DNA are both column purified in under 30 minutes. Since RNA and DNA are isolated without splitting the lysate, variability and inconsistent results are reduced.?? All sizes of RNA including microRNA are recovered without the need for phenol. Optional on-column DNase and RNase treatments provide flexibility to isolate DNA-free RNA or RNA-free DNA respectively. Isolated nucleic acids are of a high quality and yield, and are ready for downstream use including PCR, qPCR, RT-PCR, qRT-PCR, sequencing and more.



P4-0080 Literature 24400
P4-0080 Protocol 24400
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