Plant DNA Isolation Kit (Magnetic Bead System) – 58200

Fast and easy processing using a magnetic bead system. Robust lysis system (chemical lysis combined with a mechanical homogenization)
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P4-0366Plant DNA Isolation Kit (Magnetic Bead System) – 5820050 Preps£180.00
Plant DNA Isolation Kit (Magnetic Bead system) provides a rapid method for the isolation and purification of total DNA from a wide range of plant and fungi species. Furthermore, the kit also provides a convenient method for the detection of pathogens which may be infecting a plant, as it allows for the purification of any pathogen DNA along with the purification of the total DNA. Total DNA can be purified from fresh or frozen plant tissues, plant cells or fungi samples using this kit. The DNA is bound to the surface of the magnetic beads under optimized buffer conditions and released using a low salt buffer system. The Plant DNA Isolation Kit (Magnetic Bead System) can be easily adapted to automated magnetic bead separation instruments and work stations. The purified DNA is of the highest integrity, and can be used in a number of downstream applications including real time PCR, Southern blotting, SNP analysis and sequencing. Plant DNA Isolation Kit (Magnetic Bead System) is also available in a 96-Well format for high throughput applications. Purification with the 96-Well Plates can be integrated with a robotic automation system.


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P4-0078Plant/Fungi DNA Isolation Kit – 2620050 Preps£290
P4-0408Plant/Fungi DNA Isolation kit, 96-Well Format – 269002 Plates£820
P4-0080Plant RNA/DNA Purification Kit – 2440050 Preps£346