Urine Exosome Purification Maxi Kit – 57900

Purification and enrichment of intact urinary exosomes for functional studies. 11mL - 30mL urine
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P4-0364Urine Exosome Purification Maxi Kit – 5790015 Preps£778.00
The Urine Exosome Purification Kits provide a fast, reliable and convenient method to purify and enrich for pure intact exosomes from different urine sample volumes ranging from 250 µl to 30ml. These kits also allow for the purification of intact extracellular vesicles (EVs) from different urine sample volumes, and these EVs are ready for any downstream application. The purification is based on proprietary resin. These kits provide a clear advantage over other available methods since they do not require any special instrumentation, ultracentrifugation, precipitation reagents or any protease treatments. More importantly, the purified exosomes will not be contaminated with any other RNA-binding Proteins that may contaminate your exosomal RNA, which is essential if studying exosomal RNA gene expression.


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