Protoblock (Membrane Blocking Solution)

For use in Western blotting, Southern blotting, immunoassays and In Situ hybridization
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B9-0060Protoblock (Membrane Blocking Solution)Kit£83.30
Western Blot immunoassay is a highly specific method of protein analysis using affinity-purified antibodies. An enzyme-linked affinity-purified antibody used in conjunction with highly sensitive chemiluminescent substrate provides an excellent method for detection and characterization of samples bound to membranes through Western Blot or Dot ELISA. Following transfer of Proteins to a membrane, it is very important to block the membrane with a good blocking solution. ProtoBlock solution contains a broad spectrum of proteins, protein analogues, detergents, and buffers which are designed to minimize endogenous backgrounds. ProtoBlock solution may be used for Western Blotting, Southern Blotting, immunoassays, and in situ hybridization.



B9-0060 Protocol CL252
B9-0060 MSDS CL252A Reagent A
B9-0060 MSDS CL252B Reagent B
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B9-0032SDS PAGE Tank Buffer (10 X ) Tris-Glycine SDS4 Litre£105.85
B9-0056Tris Glycine Electroblotting Buffer (10 X ), Also for Native Protein Separation4 Litre£100
A2-0072ProtoGel (30% Solution at 37.5:1 Ratio)1 Litre£138.5
S6-0028ProtoMarkers Pre-Stained Protein Markers, 20-190kDa0.5ml£234.85