The FastGene FAS-BG LED BOX offers the advantages of blue/green LED technology combined with a very small footprint for a small footprint. All red and green DNA dyes can be easily detected with this system.
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Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
G5-0735FastGene FAS-BG LED BOXEach£3,995.00
  • For DNA/RNA gels and protein gels
  • Detection of red and green DNA dyes by safe blue/green light
  • With additional white light for the documentation of Petri dishes and blotting membranes
  • Space-saving due to compact footprint (230 mm x 210 mm)
  • High-resolution CMOS camera (8 MPixels)
  • Integrated touch screen, HDMI port
High-end gel documentation at a low-end price The FastGene FAS-BG LED BOX is the most compact gel documentation systems available. It is ideally suited for tight spaces on any bench-top, the system both illuminates and captures an image of your DNA, RNA, or protein gel. The FAS-BG LED BOX boasts a large touchscreen interface and comes equipped with three different illumination modes for even more uses. Blue/Green Mode: An array of blue/green LEDs (515 nm) situated around the periphery of the glass plate provides excitation light for both red- and green–emitting fluorescence dyes.  This optimal “transillumination” configuration minimizes ambient background for super sensitive imaging with non-carcinogenic dyes like Midori Green, too. Blue/green LEDs are just as sensitive as UV light but they don’t damage DNA in an agarose gel, and they won’t harm the users skin or your eyes. Trans White Mode: An innovatively-designed white LED array shines uniform backlight for transparent media such as Coomassie-stained protein polyacrylamide gels. This diffuser technology eliminates “hot spots” due to point illumination and provides maximum clarity for colorimetric-stained gels. Epi White Mode: The final mode uses white LED “epi-illumination” for lighting from above. This mode is suited for opaque surfaces such as Western blots and similar highly reflective materials. Integrated Touchscreen FastGene FAS-BG LED BOX comes with a 5″ touchscreen display and built-in software which allows for easy navigation and image capture. For those looking for a larger display, there is an HDMI port which can easily be connected to an external display or touch monitor. And for those looking for a familiar feel, the FAS-BG LED BOX display can be controlled by a USB mouse with or without an external monitor.   Which ever illumination made is selected, the FAS-BG LED BOX system captures images with a high-end, scientific grade, 8 megapixel CMOS camera for wonderful separation of colour and resolution of bands. These images can be saved to a computer, or you can attach a printer directly for quick printouts.  


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Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
G5-0717Fastgene® Blue/Green Light LED XL- Transilluminator (470-520nm), 330 x 320 x 130mmEach£1769
S6-0014Midori Green Xtra DNA Stain1ml£169.00
S6-0018Midori Green Direct DNA Stain1ml£137
S6-0022Midori Green Advance DNA Stain (Sufficient for 20L Agarose Gel)1ml£132
G5-0742FAS Nano Gel Documentation SystemEach£1019
G5-0744FastGene® FAS-Digi PRO Geldoc SystemEach£5405