FastGene FAS-Digi Compact Gel Documentation System

Compact system for imaging DNA gels using Blue/Green LED technology
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G5-0746FastGene FAS-Digi Compact Gel Documentation SystemEach£4,126.00
Compact Instrument... With a compact dark box body made of highest quality coated aluminium, the stand alone device was designed for labs, that need a powerful gel-documentation system but only have limited benchtop space.
  The large Blue/Green LED Transilluminator of the FAS-DIGI Compact was made for ultra safe and ultra sensitive DNA/RNA gels up 21cm x 26cm - without UV-light. The intuitive and easy handling creates perfect gel images.
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Say goodbye to UV-light

Still destroying your DNA with UV-light? UV-light transilluminators can harm eyes and skin and also damage your DNA sample for further downstream applications. With the Blue/Green LED technology the downsides of using UV-light are finally out of the way. FAS-DIGI-Compact-hood-transilluminator-01 FAS-DIGI-Compact-viewing-window-gel-02

Amber filter shield - Convenient gel viewing

The inbuilt Amber Filter viewing window allows you to look at your illuminated gel and easily cut out the desired DNA bands for further applications.   FAS-DIGI-Compact-camera-04

Scientific grade camera

Take gel pictures with the highest image quality using a 24 MPixel Canon EOS DSLR camera with a huge APS-C CMOS sensor. The camera has a rotable and swiveling touch-screen display, for very comfortable usage. With the 3x zoom (focal length of 18 mm to 55 mm) you can easily enlarge the area of interest. The high resolution allows you to extract small gel image areas in best quality. Exposure times up to 30 sec enable you to detect even faint bands.   FAS-DIGI-Compact-camera-gel-01-02

Perfect gels with perfect signals

In combination with MIDORIGreen Xtra, the FAS-DIGI Compact creates superb quality agarose gel images with perfectly strong and sharp DNA/RNA signals. Furthermore, the Blue/green LEDs lead to excellent results using any common red or green DNA dye, like EtBr or SYBR® Safe.   FAS-DIGI-Compact-upgrade-PRO-02

Simply Upgrade to PRO

The FAS-DIGI Compact is our brand new smaller sister model of the popular and very successful FAS-DIGI PRO. Both use the same Blue/Green LED Transilluminator. The upgrade to PRO can be easily performed. All you need to do is replace the FAS-DIGI Compact dark box with the FAS-DIGI PRO dark box. The upgrade to FAS-DIGI PRO comes with an intuitive and easy to use imaging software and a continuous camera power supply.



G5-0746 Literature
Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
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B9-0020TBE Sequencing Buffer (10 X)4 Litre£100
G9-0002MultiSUB Mini Horizontal Gel Unit. Complete with 7 x 7cm UV Tray, 2 x 8 Sample 1mm Thick Combs, Casting Dams & Loading GuidesEach£385
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