Biofilm DNA Isolation Kit – 62300

Rapid and convenient method to isolate genomic DNA from different types of biofilm and biofilm forming-bacteria. No phenol or chloroform extractions
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P4-0392Biofilm DNA Isolation Kit – 6230050 Preps£464.00
Biofilm DNA Isolation Kit is designed for the rapid Preparation of Genomic DNA from biofilm. Genomic DNA is efficiently extracted from the biofilm by a combination of heat treatment, detergents and the use of provided Bead Tubes. The kit is able to remove known PCR inhibitors typically found within the biofilm, including humic acid. The purified Genomic DNA is fully digestible with all restriction enzymes tested, and is completely compatible with downstream applications such as PCR and Southern Blot analysis Preparation time for a single sample is less than 45 minutes, and each kit contains sufficient materials for 50 Preparations.


P4-0392 Specification 62300


P4-0392 Protocol 62300
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P4-0078Plant/Fungi DNA Isolation Kit – 2620050 Preps£290
P4-0100Yeast/Fungi Genomic DNA Isolation Kit – 2730050 Preps£220
P4-0043Bacterial Genomic DNA Isolation Kit – 1790050 Preps£189