Bambanker™ DMSO Free Cell Freezing Media

Serum-free cryopreservation medium for long-term freezing at -80C without the need for controlled freezing. Suitable for use with all common cell lines resulting in a high number of intact cells after thawing
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K1-0676Bambanker™ DMSO Free Cell Freezing Media20ml£176.50
DMSO is a supplement in freezing media which is added to avoid formation of ice crystals, which harm the cells. However, DMSO is cytotoxic and reduces the survival rate of certain sensitive cell lines. Bambanker™ DMSO Free composition is without DMSO yet it still avoids the formation of ice crystals, making Bambanker™ DMSO Free especially suitable for cell lines that are sensitive to DMSO. Furthermore, the precisely defined composition of every ingredient of Bambanker™ DMSO Free ensures consistency on each occasion.



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K1-0664Bambanker™ Cell Freezing Media20ml£60.5
K2-0100Cell Culture ChamberEach£395