Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
B9-0090Protein Precipitation Kit50ml£157.75
B9-0072SDS (Ultra Pure)100g£39.45
A2-0208SDS (Ultra Pure)1kg£231.50
B9-0052Denaturation Solution1 Litre£32.05
B9-0054Neutralization Solution1 Litre£32.05
S6-0012Triple Loading Dye Buffer (6x)1.2ml£19.70
B9-0010ProtoGel Resolving Buffer (Tris/SDS)1L£51.75
B9-0012ProtoGel Resolving Buffer (Tris/SDS)450ml£30.80
B9-0014ProtoGel Stacking Buffer (Tris/SDS)200ml£24.65
B9-0028Formamide (Deionised), Ultra Pure200ml£39.30
B9-0032SDS PAGE Tank Buffer (10 X ) Tris-Glycine SDS4 Litre£67.65
B9-0034SDS PAGE Tank Buffer (10 X ) Tris-Glycine SDS1 Litre£34.50
B9-003620% SDS Solution (Ultra Pure)100ml£24.65
B9-003820% SDS Solution (Ultra Pure)450ml£59.10
B9-0040Protein Loading Buffer Blue (2 X)10 x 1ml£34.50
B9-0042Protein Loading Buffer (5X)10 x 1ml£69.00
B9-0060Protoblock (Membrane Blocking Solution)Kit£47.20
B9-0062Tris Buffer (Base)1Kg£88.75
B9-0066Tris Buffer (Base)150g£32.05
B9-0068Tricine Buffer100g£45.85
B9-0088Tris Tricine SDS (10X)1 Litre£118.30
B9-0070Glycine, (Ultra Pure)1Kg£51.75
B9-0056Tris Glycine Electroblotting Buffer (10 X ), Also for Native Protein Separation4 Litre£64.10
B9-0058Tris Glycine Electroblotting Buffer (10 X ), Also for Native Protein Separation1 Litre£32.05
A2-0104Temed (Ultra Pure)25ml£30.20
A2-0204Urea (Ultra Pure)250g£29.55
A2-0205Urea (Ultra Pure)1kg£59.15
A2-0201Ammonium Persulfate (Ultra Pure)25g£27.10
A2-0200Ammonium Persulfate (Ultra Pure)100g£44.35
A2-0150Tween-20 (Ultra Pure)200ml£54.25

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