Tris Glycine Electroblotting Buffer (10 X ), Also for Native Protein Separation

Tank buffer for Western electroblotting procedures
Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
B9-0056Tris Glycine Electroblotting Buffer (10 X ), Also for Native Protein Separation4 Litre£100.00
Tris-Glycine Electroblotting Buffer (10X) is a concentrated solution in distilled/deionized water. This buffer is intended to act as the tank buffer in Western electroblotting procedures. It is also the recommended buffer for use with nitrocellulose and nylon membranes. Tris-Glycine Electroblotting Buffer (10X) is already in solution which eliminates the weighing, mixing and adjusting of the pH necessary with powdered buffers. To Prepare 1 litre of working strength buffer, add 100 ml of Tris-Glycine Electroblotting Buffer to 200 ml of methanol and 700 ml of distilled/deionized water.


Manufactured with Ultra-Pure Electrophoresis Grade Reagents. 18 Megohm Water & 0.2 Micron Filtration. Saves Time and Improves Reproducibility in Western Blotting. Tris-Glycine Electroblotting Buffer (10X) contains 0.25M Tris base and 1.92M glycine, with a pH of 8.4.


B9-0056 MSDS EC880
Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
B9-0010ProtoGel Resolving Buffer (Tris/SDS)1L£80.85
B9-0014ProtoGel Stacking Buffer (Tris/SDS)200ml£44
B9-0042Protein Loading Buffer (5X)10 x 1ml£108.5
A2-0071ProtoGel Sample Prep KitKit£217.3
A2-0072ProtoGel (30% Solution at 37.5:1 Ratio)1 Litre£138.5
S6-0028ProtoMarkers Pre-Stained Protein Markers, 20-190kDa0.5ml£234.85