Soil DNA Isolation Kit (Magnetic Bead System) – 58100

Fast and easy processing using a magnetic bead system. Robust lysis system (chemical lysis combined with a mechanical homogenization)
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P4-0365Soil DNA Isolation Kit (Magnetic Bead System) – 5810050 Preps£201.00
Soil DNA Isolation Kit (Magnetic Bead System) provides a fast and reproducible method for isolating Genomic DNA from soil samples. All types of soil samples can be processed with this kit, including common soil samples and difficult soil samples with high humic acid content such as compost and manure. The kit removes all traces of humic acid using the provided the OSR (Organic Substance Removal) Solution. Total Genomic DNA can be isolated and purified from all the various microorganisms found in soil, such as bacteria, fungi and algae. The purified DNA is of the highest quality and is fully compatible with downstream PCR applications, as all humic acid substances and PCR inhibitors are removed during the isolation. Soil DNA Isolation Kit (Magnetic Bead System) is also available in a 96-Well format for high throughput applications. Purification with the 96-Well Plates can be integrated with a robotic automation system.


P4-0365 Specification 58100


P4-0365 Literatue 58100
P4-0365 Protocol 58100
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P4-0224Soil DNA Isolation Plus Kit – 6400050 Preps£362
P4-0310Soil DNA Isolation Kit, 96-Well Format – 265602 Plates£1174
P4-0396Soil DNA Isolation Kit, 96-Well Format (Magnetic Bead System) – 628002 Plates£732