Saliva RNA Collection & Preservation Devices – RU53800

Safe and rapid all-in-one procedure for the collection and preservation of saliva RNA
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P4-0406Saliva RNA Collection & Preservation Devices – RU5380050 Devices£745.00
  • Non-invasive, user-friendly sample collection
  • The Saliva RNA Preservative inactivates all bacteria, yeast and viruses present in the saliva sample.
  • Sample collection and preservation in one convenient kit
  • Preserved RNA is stable for up to 2 months at room temperature
  • Compatible with most RNA isolation methods
  • High quality RNA is suitable for sensitive downstream applications including RT-PCR, RT-qPCR, RNA sequencing and microarray
  • Shipping accessories can be purchased separately
  • CE-IVD marked version available (P4-0438)
Saliva RNA Collection and Preservation Devices are designed for 1) simple and non-invasive saliva collection and 2) preservation of RNA in saliva samples at ambient temperature. Each of the 50 Saliva RNA Collection and Preservation Devices consists of 3 components: (1) Saliva Collection Funnel and Collection Tube, (2) Collection Tube Cap, and (3) Saliva RNA Preservative contained within a sealed squeezable ampoule. Saliva samples are collected by spitting inside the Collection Funnel which has been assembled with the Collection Tube. After collecting the required volume of saliva the Collection Funnel is removed and the contents of the Preservative Ampoule are then added and mixed with the collected saliva. The Saliva Collection Tube is subsequently sent to the laboratory for RNA isolation and analysis. RNA can be isolated from the preserved saliva samples using Total RNA Purification Kit (Cat.no. P4-0058). Each of Collection Tubes is labelled with a unique serial number that can be used for secure and anonymous tracking of the sample. The Saliva RNA in preserved samples is stable for up to 2 months at room temperature. This kit is ideal for collecting and preserving RNA samples for epidemiological and population studies.


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P4-0406 Protocol RU53800
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P4-0058Total RNA Purification Kit – 1720050 Preps£287.00
P4-0069Total RNA Purification Kit – 37500100 Preps£552.00
P4-0438Saliva RNA Collection and Preservation Devices (CE/IVD Marked) – #5380050 Devices£826.00
P4-0442Total RNA Purification Kit, 96-Well Kit – 243706 Plates£2,299.00
P4-0440Total RNA Purification Kit, 96-Well Kit (Deep Well Format) – 243502 Plates£853.00