Mupid™ LED Illuminator

Visualise DNA migration using the Mupid-One system
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G9-2502Mupid™ LED IlluminatorEach£398.00
The Mupid- One LED Illuminator enables visualisation of DNA/RNA electrophoresis under real-time conditions. Now you can follow the separation of your DNA fragments live during agarose gel electrophoresis. The MUPID-One LED Illuminator was developed especially for the MUPID electrophoresis system and allows the detection of DNA fragments during the run. The electrophoresis can be continued because the LED illuminator, as shown below, can replace the lid of the MUPID chamber. The orange coloured filter protects you, so you can check the results without wearing goggles. The LED source inside the instrument produces light with a narrow emission peak at approximately 470 nm, effective for the excitation of nucleic acid stains such as Midori Green (Direct/ Advance) and SYBR dyes. The viewing area is coated in order to avoid the formation of moisture. The separated DNA is not damaged by the light emitted by LEDs, because it contains no short-wave UV light. Sensitivity is at 2 ng DNA. The MUPID-One LED Illuminator is compatible ONLY with the MUPID electrophoresis system.


G9-2502 Specification MU4


Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
S6-0022Midori Green Advance DNA Stain (Sufficient for 20L Agarose Gel)1ml£132
G9-1310FastGene Agarose Gel Band CutterPk50£44
G9-2500Mupid™-One Electrophoresis SystemEach£787
G9-2504Gel Maker Set LargeEach£301
G9-2506Gel Casting Set for Mupid™-OneEach£245
G9-2508Large Tray for Mupid™-OnePk2£128
G9-2510Small Tray for Mupid™-OnePk4£137