Midori Green Direct DNA Stain

Safe stain for visualization of double-stranded DNA, single-stranded DNA, and RNA in agarose gels
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S6-0016Midori Green Direct DNA Stain50ul£15.00
Midori Green Direct Midori Green Direct represents a nucleic acid dye for the more reliable visualization of double-stranded and single-stranded DNA as well as RNA in agarose gels. Midori Green Direct was developed to replace the toxic ethidium bromide. Unlike most other DNA dyes, Midori Green Direct is not added to the gel, but directly to your samples. The loading dye is already included. Simply mix Midori Green Direct with your samples and start the agarose gel electrophoresis straight away.  
  • Direct staining of DNA / RNA
  • Non-toxic and non-carcinogenic
  • Safe alternative to ethidium bromide
  • Loading dye is included
  • Very low background
  Very low background Direct staining of the DNA with Midori Green Direct does not stain the agarose gel. The background colour is therefore very slight ( Fig. 1 ). Particularly good signals are achieved with blue / green LED transilluminators . However, a normal UV transilluminator can also be used.   Fig. 1: Comparison of the DNA band intensity between M I DOR I Green Direct (left) and ethidium bromide (right) when using a Blue / Green LED transilluminator.   Better results in downstream applications By isolating the DNA from agarose gels, various downstream applications can be carried out. Many common DNA dyes such as ethidium bromide or even SYBR TM Green act because of their intercalating properties as a potent enzyme inhibitors. In contrast, the Midori Green DNA dyes bind to the DNA backbone. This significantly increases the efficiency of downstream applications (such as cloning ( Fig. 2 ), sequencing, PCR experiments).   Fig.2: Better cloning efficiency with Midori Green Direct. By using Midori Green Direct, the number of transformed E. coli colonies is significantly higher than with ethidium bromide. Safe alternative Compared to ethidium bromide, Midori Green Direct is neither carcinogenic nor mutagenic. In addition, it was found that Midori Green Direct is impenetrable for latex gloves and cell membranes. Midori Green Direct has been classified as not hazardous to water in accordance with the CCR Title 22 Regulation . This allows small amounts of M I DOR I Green Direct to be released into the environment without concern   Loading dye Midori Green Direct already contains a 10x loading dye. All you have to do is add the DNA dye to your samples and you can start agarose gel electrophoresis straight away.



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