FastGene® Blue Light LED Illuminator 470nm, 12cm x 7cm Viewing Area

Illumination of stained DNA without any damage associated with UV
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G5-0716FastGene® Blue Light LED Illuminator 470nm, 12cm x 7cm Viewing AreaEach£789.00
Blue light LEDs will not damage the DNA separated in an agarose gel and are also much safer for end-users skin and eyes compared to traditional UV technology. These LED instruments were developed for the use of non ethidium bromide dyes like SYBR Green, SYBR Safe, Midori Green and others. These offer a greater ease-of-use for excising DNA fragments from gels without the requirement for protective glasses and gloves. These are ideal for use with Midori Green (Direct/ Advance) stains which are non carcinogenic and less mutagenic alternatives to Ethidium Bromide.


G5-0716 Specification FG-05


G5-0716 Literature FG-05
G5-0716 Manual FG-05
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G5-0719Blue/Green LED FlashLightEach£879
P4-0508Fastgene® Gel/PCR Extraction Kit300 Preps£418
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