Ingenio® Cuvette, 0.2cm – MIR 50121

Compatible with most conventional electroporation devices including Lonza-Amaxa®, Bio-Rad® or Harvard BTX®
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E7-0524Ingenio® Cuvette, 0.2cm – MIR 50121Pk50£288.00
High Efficiency Electroporation - Deliver to hard to transfect cell lines and primary cells Compatible with Most Conventional Electroporation Devices - Use your existing system including Lonza-Amaxa®, Bio-Rad® or Harvard BTX® Save Money and Reduce Research Costs Without Sacrificing Performance - Ingenio® Electroporation Solution is available as a stand-alone solution or as part of a complete kit with cuvettes and cell droppers Mirus Bio has developed the Ingenio® Electroporation Solution to facilitate efficient and reliable delivery of nucleic acids to eukaryotic cells traditionally resistant to chemical transfection. Ingenio® is a broad spectrum solution that supports high efficiency electroporation with minimal toxicity. It replaces standard electroporation solutions including phosphate buffered saline and serum-free media. Ingenio® is compatible with multiple instruments and facilitates a wide range of applications requiring nucleic acid delivery to cells. The Ingenio® solution is available alone and as part of a complete kit with cuvettes and cell droppers.



E7-0524 Protocol MIR50121
E7-0524 MSDS MIR50121
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E7-0516Ingenio® Electroporation Solution, 6.25ml – MIR 501116.25ml£221