Fungi/Yeast Genomic DNA Isolation Kit, 96-Well Format – 27350

For the rapid purification of DNA from yeast cells, fungal spores or mycelium and bacterial including Gram-positive. Versatile for both vacuum manifold or using centrifugation
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P4-0313Fungi/Yeast Genomic DNA Isolation Kit, 96-Well Format – 273502 Plates£814.00
This kit provides a fast, reliable and simple procedure for high throughput isolation of DNA from viable yeast cells, fungal spores or mycelium as well as bacteria including Gram-positive. Genomic DNA is efficiently extracted from the cells by a combination of heat treatment, detergents and Bead Tubes (provided with kit). The purified DNA is of the highest quality, free of inhibitors and is fully compatible with any downstream applications such as PCR, qPCR, sequencing and more. The option of an additional lyticase treatment is also provided in order to allow for improved DNA yields for certain fungal and yeast species.


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P4-0100Yeast/Fungi Genomic DNA Isolation Kit – 2730050 Preps£220