Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
G5-0705UV Transilluminator 20 x 24cm; 302nm, 230V, 50Hz with Runners, Medium WaveEach£838.00
G5-0706UV Transilluminator 20 x 20cm; 302nm, 230V, 50Hz + Runners, Medium WaveEach£745.00
G5-0710UV Transilluminator 25 x 30cm; 302nm, 230V, 50Hz, Runners, Medium WaveEach£1,056.00
G5-0712UV Transilluminator 20 x 20cm; 302nm, 230V, 50Hz with Runners, Medium WaveEach£636.00
G5-0715Fastgene® Blue/Green Light LED Illuminator, 340 x 270 x 50mmEach£1,728.00
G5-0717Fastgene® Blue/Green Light LED XL- Transilluminator (470-520nm) 330 x 3200 x 130mmEach£2,213.00
G5-0716FastGene® Blue Light LED Illuminator 470nm, 12cm x 7cm Viewing AreaEach£649.00
G5-0718FastGene® Blue Light LED Transilluminator 470nm, 20 x 16cm Viewing AreaEach£972.00
G5-0719FastGene® Blue/Green LED FlashlightEach£729.00
G5-0720Amber Goggles for use with Blue Light LED TransilluminatorEach£94.50
G5-0722UV Safety Screen for use with Stand Alone UV TransilluminatorEach£244.00
G5-0723Transilluminator Gel Support Plate, 6mm Thick, Size 22 x 22cmEach£86.30
G5-0725MWT8 – UV Bulb for Medium Wave TransilluminatorsEach£32.00
G5-0007Mitsubishi P93E Thermal Printer (Analogue)Each£1,320.00

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