ProtoGel (30% Solution at 37.5:1 Ratio)

37.5:1 Acrylamide to Bisacrylamide stabilized solution which is optimized for SDS-PAGE of Proteins (Laemmli gels).
Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
A2-0072ProtoGel (30% Solution at 37.5:1 Ratio)1 Litre£89.75
ProtoGel forms an electrophoresis matrix that is ideal for the separation of Proteins and polypeptides. ProtoGel is a stabilized, ready-to-use 30% (w/v) acrylamide/methylene bisacrylamide solution (37.5:1 ratio), manufactured from the highest quality materials, from which virtually all impurities have been removed. ProtoGel has zero acrylic acid content, eliminating the fixed charges that cause band streaking. Additionally, oxidation products such as aldehydes have been removed by a selective adsorption process. Aldehydes can attack Proteins, altering the structure of the sample, and thus altering Rf values. With ProtoGel, you can trust that your results will be consistent one electrophoretic run to the next.


37.5:1 Acrylamide to Bisacrylamide Stabilized Solution. Optimized for SDS-PAGE of Proteins (Laemmli gels). Consistently Crystal Clear Gels, Zero Fluorescence. Stabilized for Long Shelf Life.


A2-0072 Protocol EC-890
A2-0072 MSDS EC-890
Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
B9-0010ProtoGel Resolving Buffer (Tris/SDS)1L£51.75
B9-0014ProtoGel Stacking Buffer (Tris/SDS)200ml£24.65
B9-0032SDS PAGE Tank Buffer (10 X ) Tris-Glycine SDS4 Litre£67.65
B9-0040Protein Loading Buffer Blue (2 X)10 x 1ml£34.50
B9-0042Protein Loading Buffer (5X)10 x 1ml£69.00
A2-0071ProtoGel Sample Prep KitKit£123.15
A2-0077ProtoGel (40% Solution at 37.5:1 Ratio)450ml£72.75
A2-0104Temed (Ultra Pure)25ml£30.20
A2-0201Ammonium Persulfate (Ultra Pure)25g£27.10
S6-0028ProtoMarkers Pre-Stained Protein Markers, 20-190kDa0.5ml£133.15
S6-0044ProtoBlue Safe, Eco-Friendly Colloidal Coomassie Stain1 Litre£74.50