Blood DNA Isolation Midi Kit – 51400

For the rapid preparation of high quality DNA from 0.3 to 2 mL of whole blood
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P4-0340Blood DNA Isolation Midi Kit – 5140020 Preps£249.00
Blood DNA Isolation Kit is designed for the rapid spin column Preparation of DNA from 0.3 to 2ml volumes of whole blood. This kit allows for the isolation of DNA from the blood of various species, including humans and will recover Genomic DNA, mitochondrial DNA, viral DNA and bacterial DNA Preparation time for a single sample is less than 30 minutes, and each kit contains sufficient materials for 20 Preparations. The purified DNA is of excellent quality and yield and completely compatible with any downstream application including PCR, qPCR and genotyping.


P4-0340 Specification 51400


P4-0340 Literature 51400
P4-0340 Protocol 51400
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P4-0083Blood Genomic DNA Isolation Mini Kit – 4630050 Preps£184
P4-0332Blood Genomic DNA Isolation Mini Kit – 46380100 Preps£355