Soil RNA Purification Kit – 27750

For the rapid preparation of inhibitor-free total RNA from soil. Complete kit includes bead tubes and humic acid removal columns (HAR)
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P4-0198Soil RNA Purification Kit – 2775050 Preps£632.00
This kit provides a convenient and rapid spin column method to purify Total RNA from small amounts of soil samples. All types of soil samples can be processed with this kit, including common soil samples and difficult soil samples with high humic acid content such as compost and manure. The kit removes all traces of humic acids and other inhibitors of PCR using humic acid removal (HAR) columns and the organic substance removal solution (OSR). Soil Total RNA Purification Kit purifies all sizes of RNA, from large mRNA and ribosomal RNA down to microRNA and small interfering RNA without the need for phenol. The purified RNA is of the highest integrity and is inhibitor-free for any downstream application including microbiome studies, real time PCR and reverse transcription PCR for gene expression analysis, Next Generation Sequencing and more.


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