Plant and Enviromental RNA and microRNA Isolation and Purification

Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
P4-0076Plant/Fungi Total RNA Purification Kit – 2580050 Preps£399.00
P4-0319Plant/Fungi Total RNA Purification Kit – 31350100 Preps£766.00
P4-0320Plant/Fungi Total RNA Purification Kit, 96-Well Format – 319002 Plates£1,150.00
P4-0347Plant microRNA Purification Kit – 5470025 Preps£286.00
P4-0080Plant RNA/DNA Purification Kit – 2440050 Preps£346.00
P4-0198Soil RNA Purification Kit – 2775050 Preps£632.00
P4-0094Water RNA/DNA Purification Kit, 0.45um – 2645025 Preps£695.00
P4-0096Water RNA/DNA Purification Kit, 0.22um – 2640025 Preps£695.00

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