Detection of double and single stranded DNA and RNA in agarose
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Nuclistain is intended as a replacement for the conventionally used ethidium bromide for the rapid detection of double and single stranded DNA and RNA in agarose and polyacrylamide gels. Its sensitivity is nearly comparable, with the capability of detecting as little as 10-50 ng of nucleic acid sample. The advantage of Nuclistain is that the results are visible under normal lighting conditions, eliminating the possibility of sample damage by UV radiation. Furthermore, Nuclistain visualization dramatically improves the yield of smaller and medium sized DNA (<500 bp) obtained by purification from agarose. Nuclistain binding is reversible and does not modify nucleic acids. Nuclistain is extremely easy to use. One 25ml bottle of Nuclistain will make 2.5 litters of stain solution. The separated DNA appears as dark blue bands on a light blue background.



S6-0008 Protocol EC730
S6-0008 MSDS EC730
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