G:BOX-F3, LFB Gel Documentation System

G:BOX F3LFB is a high resolution, automated system for fluorescent and visible DNA and protein gel imaging, analysis and documentation needs.
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G5-0512G:BOX-F3, LFB Gel Documentation SystemEach£8,388.00

Versatile high resolution gel documentation system with lens feedback.

An entry level system for imaging fluorescence and visible applications, the G:BOX F3LFB gel doc is the ideal solution for your laboratory. Using your choice of dyes or stains, the G:BOX F3LFB automatically selects the right lighting and filters to detect close bands on both small and large gels. Choosing white light options for Coomassie Blue, UV and blue lighting options, ethidium bromide or SYBR® Safe gels, this system is the ultimate in gel doc flexibility. The stylish and modular designed G:BOX F3LFB gel doc system includes a high resolution 5m pixel camera which is capable of giving outstanding images with incredible spatial resolution as well as a motor driven zoom lens and a motor driven filter wheel and feedback lens, allowing you to optimise your image capture using user protocols. The system is controlled by GeneSys application driven image capture software and comes complete with unlimited copies of GeneTools analysis software.


G:BOX F3 Image resolution (pixels m) 5 Effective resolution (pixels m) 15.1 A/D 12/16 bit Greyscales 65536 Quantum efficiency @ 425nm 52% Cooling None Lens (motor driven) Zoom f1.2. with lens feedback Filter wheel (7 position motor driven) Yes UV filter Yes Use with external PC Yes Darkroom Standard Yes Illumination Epi LED white lights Yes Epi UV 302nm Optional Visible light converter 33 x 31cm Optional White light pad for visible stains (20 x 14cm) Optional UltraBright LED blue light transilluminator 20 x 16cm Optional UV transilluminators Optional Dimensions Max image area (cm) 32.5 x 24.1 Min image area (cm) 5.6 x 4.2 W x H x D (cm) 57 x 84 x 45 Weight (kg) 37 Voltage 115v/240v


G5-0512 Literature GBOX F3LFB
Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
G5-0022NuGenius System for DNA and Protein Analysis and Gel Documentation.Each£6278
G5-0024NU:Genius 3+ System for DNA and Protein Analysis and Gel Documentation.Each£7500
G5-0008InGenius 3 – 3MP 12/16bit System, with Epi LED White Lights, Filter Drawer & UV FilterEach£4073