FastGene Plate Centrifuge

Convenient, silent and easy to use centrifuge to spin down liquids in 96 well-plates
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C2-0009FastGene Plate CentrifugeEach£871.00
Centrifuge for two 96-well plates in SBS standard format. Includes an adapter for 2 x 12 8-well strips (0.2ml) or 2 x 96-well plates (0.2ml). 2200 rpm (480 x g). With timer function. High-throughput assays using 96-well plates, such as PCR, qPCR or ELISA, work with minimal volumes of the reaction components. It is therefore essential that all liquids of the reaction are present in the bottom area of the wells. Droplets or condensation at the side of the wells can cause the reaction to fail, due to inadequate volumes or to reaction components not being present in the reaction mixture. Plate-centrifugation prior experimenting should therefore be part of every GLP-protocol. The FastGene® Plate Centrifuge is the most convenient, silent and easy to use centrifuge to spin down liquids in 96 well-plates. With its compact size and light weight it fits in every laboratory. The simplicity of the system guarantees quick learning phase. Save a great amount of time, with the quickspin function. The FastGene® Plate Centrifuge is very versatile: It comes with 2 plate adapters, making it compatible with all types of 96-well plates such as full-skirted, half-skirted or even non-skirted plates. These adapters can also be used for individual reaction tubes and for 8-well strips, making it the perfect centrifuge for spinning down liquids in life science laboratories. By setting the time (up to 10 minutes) on the illuminated display, you can get more reproducible results, compared to a normal plate centrifuges with equipped with an open/close function only. A signal is given by the centrifuge when the centrifugation is performed and the centrifuge is safe to open. Opening the centrifuge, while it is still in movement causes an alarm to sound, preventing injuries.


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