Ecoscint XR

Universal scintillation fluid for use with large aqueous samples and non-aqueous samples
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A2-0107Ecoscint XR4L£254.25
Ecoscint XR is the ideal universal scintillation fluid, able to count large aqueous samples, non-aqueous samples, and practically anything in between. 10ml of Ecoscint XR can hold up to 10ml of most common aqueous samples, easily accepting high pH, low pH, or high salt samples. Ecoscint XR mixes rapidly to produce a homogeneous, clear emulsion. Unlike many fluids, Ecoscint XR does not sacrifice performance to achieve robust sample hold. Ecoscint XR produces counting efficiencies of up to 55% 3H and 90% 14C with small volume samples.


A2-0107 Specification LS-272


A2-0107 MSDS LS-272
Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice