Stool DNA Isolation Kit, 96-Well Format (Magnetic Bead System) – 63100

Fast and easy processing using a magnetic bead system. Isolate high quality genomic DNA
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P4-0397Stool DNA Isolation Kit, 96-Well Format (Magnetic Bead System) – 631002 Plates£767.00
Stool DNA Isolation Kit (Magnetic Bead System) provides a fast and reproducible method for isolating Genomic DNA from stool samples collected and preserved using Stool Nucleic Acid Collection and Transport Tubes , as well as fresh or frozen stool. Stool DNA purified using kit is of the highest quality, and is compatible with a number of downstream research applications including PCR, NGS sequencing and microarray analysis. Stool DNA Isolation Kit (Magnetic Bead System) is also available in a 96-Well format for high throughput applications. Purification with the 96-Well Plates can be integrated with a robotic automation system.


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Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
P4-0093Stool DNA Isolation kit – 2760050 Preps£329
P4-0163Stool Nucleic Acid Collection & Preservation Tubes (20mL) – 4566050 Tubes£870
P4-0314Faecal DNA Collection & Preservation Mini Tubes – 2765012 Tubes£144