Sputum DNA Isolation Kit – 46200

For the rapid purification of high quality DNA from sputum samples
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P4-0144Sputum DNA Isolation Kit – 4620025 Preps£206.00
This kit constitutes an all-in-one system for the rapid isolation of DNA from sputum samples. It allows for the isolation of bacterial or eukaryotic DNA from the sputum samples using a convenient spin column format. The kit includes all the reagents needed to process sputum DNA including a sputum liquifier to reduce viscosity and facilitate DNA isolation. The protocol can be completed in 30 minutes. Purified DNA is of the highest quality and free from inhibitors, and can be used in sensitive downstream applications including PCR and qPCR.


P4-0144 Specification 46200


P4-0144 Literature 46200
P4-0144 Protocol 46200
Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
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P4-0228Genomic DNA Isolation Kit – 24750100 Preps£358
P4-0043Bacterial Genomic DNA Isolation Kit – 1790050 Preps£189
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