SensoQuest Labcycler 48 Including 48 x 0.2ml Block

Part of the Labcycler thermal cycler system, supplied with a 5 year warranty
Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
T3-0174SensoQuest Labcycler 48 Including 48 x 0.2ml BlockEach£2,904.00
The Labcycler 48 contains a thermalblock with 48 wells for 0.2 ml tubes in an array of 6 x 8 with an aluminium block. Working with single tubes and strips is possible. Temperature programs can be stored in directories that can optionally be protected by passwords up to 64 individual users. TFT touchscreen; Automatic lid; Heating and cooling rate up to 3.5 °C/s; Temperature and time in(de)crements; Automatic Re-start; Low energy consumption.


Labcycler 48 Thermoblock 48: 48 x 0.2ml Aluminium block No Gradient Heating rate 3.5 °C/s Cooling rate 3.2 °C/s


T3-0174 Literature 013-101
T3-0174 Manual 013-101
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