SensoQuest Basic Thermal Labcycler (without gradient & without block)

Part of the Labcycler thermal cycler system, supplied with a 5 year warranty
Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
T3-0140SensoQuest Basic Thermal Labcycler (without gradient & without block)Each£3,334.00
The Labcycler has a processor controlled block with separately controlled peltier elements for extraordinary temperature homogeneity at high heating and cooling rates. State-of-the-art peltier elements have demonstrated more than 600,000 cycles so far without any failures. This gives more than 15 years of lifetime even under the most demanding conditions, like DNA-sequencing on a daily basis. Two Labcyclers can be connected with a RS232 null modem cable. This allows simple copying of programs or the directory from one device to another. The TFT touch screen in combination with the self-explanatory software is easy to use. Suppied with a five year warranty.



T3-0140 Literature 011-103
T3-0140 Manual 011-103
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