ProtoBlue Safe, Eco-Friendly Colloidal Coomassie Stain

Sensitive and fast colloidal coomassie stain
Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
S6-0046ProtoBlue Safe, Eco-Friendly Colloidal Coomassie Stain4 Litre£295.75
The Best Performing Colloidal Stain - Detects as little as 5ng protein Compared to similar stains, the more finely controlled colloidal structure of ProtoBlue Safe improves both the sensitivity and the universality of staining. ProtoBlue Safe is less prone to high background caused by trace residual SDS in the gel.


Laboratories typically spend twice as much per gel in the methanol and acetic acid for staining and destaining with regular Coomassie than for ProtoBlue Safe (including ethanol cost). In addition, ProtoBlue Safe is much faster, more sensitive, and you can pour the used stain solution down the drain. Protein visualization is faster, safer, more sensitive and less expensive with ProtoBlue Safe.


S6-0046 Protocol EC722
S6-0046 MSDS EC722
Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
B9-0010ProtoGel Resolving Buffer (Tris/SDS)1L£80.85
B9-0014ProtoGel Stacking Buffer (Tris/SDS)200ml£44
B9-0032SDS PAGE Tank Buffer (10 X ) Tris-Glycine SDS4 Litre£105.85
A2-0071ProtoGel Sample Prep KitKit£217.3
A2-0072ProtoGel (30% Solution at 37.5:1 Ratio)1 Litre£138.5
A2-0077ProtoGel (40% Solution at 37.5:1 Ratio)450ml£112.8
S6-0028ProtoMarkers Pre-Stained Protein Markers, 20-190kDa0.5ml£234.85
L1-0100ProtoMetrics, Recombinant Protein Markers (10-225kDa)500ul£243.6