ProteoSpin™ Inclusion Body Protein Isolation Micro Kit – 10300

For the rapid isolation of inclusion body proteins - cells to gels in 60 minutes
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P4-0020ProteoSpin™ Inclusion Body Protein Isolation Micro Kit – 1030025 Preps£374.00
This kit provides everything required to isolate and purify inclusion body Proteins from induced bacterial cultures. First a proprietary Cell Lysis Reagent is used to selectively lyse the cells and release inclusion bodies in their solid form. Next, inclusion bodies are dissolved and their contents released using the provided IB Solubilisation Reagent. Inclusion body Proteins are then further purified using spin columns for rapid and convenient buffer exchange and desalting. This kit provides a convenient way to screen recombinants prior to scaling up. The process is efficient and streamlined and can process up to 12 samples in only 60 minutes. Each spin column is able to recover up to 50 µg of acidic or basic Proteins. Purified recombinant Proteins are then ready for SDS-PAGE, 2D gels, Western blots, Mass Spectrometry analysis, and other applications.


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