ProteoSpin™ Abundant Serum Protein Depletion Kit – 17300

For the rapid depletion of abundant proteins from serum and plasma samples
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P4-0028ProteoSpin™ Abundant Serum Protein Depletion Kit – 1730025 Preps£330.00
This kit provides a fast and simple procedure for the effective depletion of major serum Proteins including albumin, α-antitrypsin, transferrin and haptoglobin from serum and plasma samples. Such abundant Proteins usually obscure less abundant Proteins in gel electrophoresis making them difficult to visualize and recover. The kit reduces sample complexity to allow for convenient investigation of less abundant Proteins. In other applications such as mass spectroscopy, fractionating abundant Proteins improves the resolution of less abundant Proteins. The kit is 'generic' in that it is not antibody-based and can thus be used to deplete abundant Proteins from any starting material - human or various other animals - making it more versatile, flexible and affordable than other kits. Resulting Proteins are ready for a range of applications including 2D gel electrophoresis, SDS-PAGE, Mass Spectrometry, Protein microarrays, DIGE (Difference Gel Electrophoresis) and more.


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