pOET1C_6xHis Transfer Plasmid – MIR 6151

Optimal for expression of most nuclear and cytoplasmic proteins

Reagent Agent®

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Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
E7-0248pOET1C_6xHis Transfer Plasmid – MIR 615120 µl£382.00
Ease-of-use - Simple construction of recombinant virus when used with the flashBAC™ Baculovirus Expression System. Versatility - Transfer plasmids are available for insect or mammalian cell expression. Compatibility - Can be used with any baculovirus expression system that relies on recombination in insect cells at the polyhedrin locus.


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E7-0248 Protocol MIR6151
E7-0248 MSDS MIR6151
Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
E7-0184TransIT®-Insect Transfection Reagent – MIR 61001ml£389
E7-0248pOET1C_6xHis Transfer Plasmid – MIR 615120 µl (500ng/ µl)£382
E7-0250pOET6 BacMam Transfer Plasmid – MIR 615220 µl (500ng/ µl)£382