Olive Oil DNA Isolation Kit – 61700

Fast and easy processing using a rapid spin-column format
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P4-0206Olive Oil DNA Isolation Kit – 6170050 Preps£210.00
Olive Oil DNA Isolation Kit is designed for the rapid preparation of Genomic DNA from olive oil in order to support genetic traceability by allowing for the verification of the authenticity of the oil, thereby discouraging adulteration. Olive Oil DNA Isolation Kit can also be used to purify DNA from other processed oils such as canola oil, sunflower oil or vegetable oil to allow for downstream analysis and testing for oil adulteration. Genomic DNA is efficiently extracted from 0.5ml of oil by a combination of heat treatment, homogenization and a unique lysis buffer. PCR inhibitors are effectively removed during the washing steps and the purified Genomic DNA is ready to use for downstream applications such as PCR and microarray analysis. Preparation time for ten samples is less then 30 minutes, and each kit contains sufficient materials for 50 Preparations.


P4-0206 Specification 61700


P4-0206 Protocol 61700
Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
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