Non-Skirted, Frosted, Thin-Wall 96 x 0.2ml Low Profile Plate

Fit almost all (q)PCR cycler models which accept low profile (LP) products
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P3-0304Non-Skirted, Frosted, Thin-Wall 96 x 0.2ml Low Profile PlatePk25£143.00
These Plates are designed for PCR an qPCR applications and fit almost all (q)PCR cycler models which accept low profile (LP) products. For qPCR we recommend the use of frosted products or white products. Plates can be easily cut into 16, 24, 32 or 48-Well pieces.


Height: 15.6 - 16.6 mm, 0.61 - 0.65 inch, 0.1ml. Used in most fast cyclers, and has improved evaporation characteristics. This product has a frosted outer texture and has a moderate signal to noise ratio in qPCR. This product can easily be cut with scissors. this plate has no skirt. This product has a thin wall. This product is made of a different blend of PP, designed for PCR and qPCR applications. Loss of PCR volume is less than 3%. It's possible to PCR in as less as 5uL. This product is specially treated to reduce the binding of protein. This product is free of DNa(se), RNa(se), Pyrogens & metals. This product is autoclavable. This product has enhanced signal-to-noise if frosted.


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