Midori Green Advance DNA Stain (Sufficient for 1000ml Agarose Gel)

Safe stain for visualization of double-stranded DNA, single-stranded DNA, and RNA in agarose gels    
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S6-0020Midori Green Advance DNA Stain (Sufficient for 1000ml Agarose Gel)50uL£15.00
Midori Green Advance DNA Stain was developed to offer a non carcinogenic and less mutagenic dye for agarose electrophoresis. Besides these positive health benefits, this dye shows a very high sensitivity even for small fragments as well as a superior signal to noise ratio. Midori Green Advance DNA Stain  is a safe alternative to using ethidium bromide for staining DNA or RNA in agarose gels. Unlike the carcinogenic ethidium bromide, Midori Green Advance DNA is non-carcinogenic and non-toxic . It can also be used with UV light as well as with  Blue and Blue/Green LED technology   The next generation of DNA staining Midori Green Advance is a second generation non-carcinogenic DNA dye. Excitation of DNA or RNA can be made possible with  both with UV light and with  Blue / Green LED technology. By using a blue / green LED transilluminator, even better results can be achieved compared to ethidium bromide ( Fig. 1 ).   Fig. 1: Comparison of the DNA band intensity between Midori Green Advance (left) and ethidium bromide (right) when using a Blue / Green LED transilluminator.   Midori Green Advance has a very high sensitivity even for very small DNA fragments. For this reason, it can be used with a very high dilution factor of 1: 25,000. 4-5 µL Midori Green Advance is sufficient to stain 100 mL agarose gel, this corresponds to up to 25 liters of stained agarose with only one ml of Midori Green Advance.   Safe alternative Midori Green Advance, like ethidium bromide, delivers very strong DNA signals with a high intensity. In contrast to the carcinogenic and toxic ethidium bromide, Midori Green Advance is not harmful to the user or the environment. Several independent tests have confirmed the safety aspects of Midori Green Advance:    



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A4-0742Midori Green Advance Agarose TabletsPk 100£125
G9-1310FastGene Agarose Gel Band CutterPk50£44
G9-2500Mupid™-One Electrophoresis SystemEach£787
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