flashBAC™ ULTRA Baculovirus Expression System – MIR 6140

Optimal for expression of most nuclear and cytoplasmic proteins

Reagent Agent®

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E7-0244flashBAC™ ULTRA Baculovirus Expression System – MIR 614024 Preps£3,097.00
The most advanced flashBAC™ vector system, optimized by deletions in the chitinase, cathepsin, p10, p74 and p26 genes. The ideal system for the most difficult to express Proteins including nuclear, cytoplasmic, membrane and secreted Proteins.


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E7-0244 Protocol MIR6140
E7-0244 MSDS MIR6140
Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
E7-0184TransIT®-Insect Transfection Reagent – MIR 61001ml£389
E7-0246pOET1 Transfer Plasmid – MIR 615020 µl (500ng/ µl)£382
E7-0248pOET1C_6xHis Transfer Plasmid – MIR 615120 µl (500ng/ µl)£382
E7-0250pOET6 BacMam Transfer Plasmid – MIR 615220 µl (500ng/ µl)£382