FastGene Taq HotStart DNA Polymerase

The FastGene® DNA Polymerase is purified using three different chromatography technologies resulting in a very high purity and very high activity.
Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
P8-0034FastGene Taq HotStart DNA Polymerase250 Reactions£63.00
FastGene® DNA HotStart Polymerase is combined with a proprietary antibody that inactivates the enzyme until the first denaturation step. This eliminates spurious amplification products resulting from non-specific priming events during reaction setup and initiation, and increases overall reaction efficiency and sensitivity. The reaction buffer does not include MgCl2 but the kit includes a separate vial with Magnesium chloride.


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Catalogue NumberDescriptionPack SizePrice
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S6-0022Midori Green Advance DNA Stain (Sufficient for 20L Agarose Gel)1ml£114.00
B9-0020TBE Sequencing Buffer (10 X)4 Litre£64.10
P8-0042FastGene Optima HotStart Ready Mix500 Reactions£169.00
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